We are so thrilled to announce that Rydal Energy has been shortlisted for the Energy Project of the Year – Industrial & Agricultural award by The Energy Awards. This massive recognition shows what a huge impact we have on our customer base and their sustainability. Innovative Energy Project of the Year The Energy Awards have … Read more

Rydal Group has been awarded as the Best SME Communications & IT Services Company for 2024. This amazing award shows our full commitment to providing best communications and IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises. The award highlights Rydal Group’s innovative solutions, our outstanding customer service team, and our big dedication to boosting the IT … Read more

BT confirmed the PSTN switch-off will now take place in January 31, 2027. Instead of the original deadline of December 2025. The switch-off will include the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). PSTN switch-off delay is a major development for businesses and domestic house holds. As a result, it’s crucial … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about SIP Trunks

Communication is crucial for reaching customers and working with your staff and partners. Choosing the right communication system will help you in your operations, fall within your budget, and meet your needs as your business grows.  Among your options is a sip trunk. This new technology uses your existing hardware to communicate with the outside … Read more

Business Connectivity Services Everything You Need to Know

When we talk about computers and smart devices, terms like hardware and software often come up. However, there’s another crucial component at play – firmware. Firmware bridges hardware and software, ensuring your devices function correctly from the moment you power them on. What is Firmware? Firmware is a specialised software embedded directly into a device’s … Read more

Business Connectivity Services Everything You Need to Know

Your business can reach a high number of potential customers, develop innovative projects, and even facilitate remote work. But, how? – through communication. For this reason, you must receive a connection service to facilitate this communication. To understand how to access this versatile communication, you need to understand: What are business connectivity services? These services aren’t … Read more

How to Divert Landline to Mobile – A Complete Guide

If you have a landline, you might feel restricted by it. You can never step away from it for too long because you could miss an important call. In such an irritating scenario, you might consider switching to a smartphone. Another reason for switching to a smartphone is, according to reports, a median of 89% of … Read more

Softphone: What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

If you’re setting up a phone system, you need modern technology that meets your needs. Whether you’re the owner of a call center or running a business that involves your employees communicating with customers or each other, you might be looking for a system that offers modern solutions at competitive prices. In this blog, you’ll … Read more

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction recognised. We are thrilled to announce that Rydal Communications has been honored with the prestigious “Most Trusted IT & Communications Company 2023 – East Midlands” award by SME News. This recognition reaffirms our unwavering dedication to providing award-winning services and solutions to our valued customers. At Rydal Communications, … Read more