Why choose Rydal Energy?

Businesses looking for a reliable energy provider need not look any further than Rydal Energy. Rydal Energy offers a range of energy solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, including competitive pricing plans, flexible options, and excellent customer service.

Meet Your Business Energy Needs Work with Peterborough’s #1 Award Winning Energy Solution Provider

We offer competitive pricing plans, flexible options and excellent service to meet your individual needs.

EV charging solutions with expert guidance and 24/7 support

If you’re looking for an EV charging solution for your employees, customers, visitors, or vehicles, Rydal Energy provides a dedicated team to guide and support you through the entire process. We offer individual and multi-site installation services, including full consultancy, installation and maintenance of a range of charging points.

We also provide charging infrastructure solutions for private and public charging from grid connection through to supply and installation of charging points, as well as aftercare. Our team is always on hand to offer you advice and support, making the transition to EV effortless.

Efficient LED Lighting Solutions by Rydal Energy

Rydal Energy’s LED lighting solutions offer significant benefits to businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency and reliability while reducing their energy costs. By incorporating Rydal Energy’s smart lighting system, businesses can optimise their energy consumption and reduce their energy bills by up to 90%.

With lighting surveys, we can identify the specific lighting needs of your business and provide the right solution to achieve your energy-saving goals. This customised approach ensures that your business gets the most cost-effective and efficient lighting solution that meets your specific needs.

By upgrading to Rydal Energy’s LED lighting solutions, businesses can also improve the quality of their lighting, creating a brighter and more comfortable environment for employees and customers. This can increase productivity, boost morale and customer satisfaction, and enhance the overall experience of your business.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Energy

Rydal Energy’s monthly subscription options for EV charging provide numerous benefits to businesses, making it more convenient, cheaper, and hassle-free. By choosing a fixed cost monthly subscription, businesses can enjoy the convenience of paying a set monthly amount without worrying about installation, repairs, or replacements.

With fully installed EV chargers, businesses can reduce downtime and boost productivity by ensuring that their EV fleet is always fully charged and ready to go. Our promise of repair or replacement ensures that businesses never have to worry about the cost of maintenance or replacement, saving them time and money.

The smart charging EV app offered by Rydal Energy allows businesses to monitor and control their charging usage, optimising their charging patterns to reduce energy consumption and costs. This app can also help businesses track and report their carbon emissions, supporting their sustainability goals.

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One provider, no stress, save money.

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Technically advanced, ultra-reliable communication systems to streamline your business and reduce costs.

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Fully managed IT services, with unlimited specialist on-site support to keep your business operating 24/7.

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Premium protection for your business sites with surveillance systems including fitting and maintenance.

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Comparing hundreds of tariffs to deliver guaranteed savings and further reducing costs with greener solutions.

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