Solar Energy

We are the solar experts. Our mission is to make installing solar panels simple, fast and affordable. We devote a huge amount of time to making sure your installation is perfect, so our customers get more out of their energy!

Rydal solar energy solutions

Here at Rydal Energy, we are specialists in solar panels and battery storage. We also offer EV chargers, solar PV system maintenance and protection, and more. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and craftsmanship. Our goal is to make sure that every project we take on is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail, because we understand how important it is for you to have a reliable energy source. We install solar systems for all businesses across the UK, so no matter where you are located or how big your company is, we can help you find the right solution for your needs.

Site surveys and consultancy

In order to offer you a quote we have to visit your site, carry out a site survey and produce a detailed design proposal. As this work is tailored to your specific requirements and environment, it cannot be carried out remotely or based on photographs alone. This will be discussed at the meeting and any questions underlined in red can be answered then. Please allow two working days for us to respond to your enquiry. You will then be contacted over the next day to clarify your details and ensure that your site is suitable for the technology requested. We are happy to ask the client which services he or she would like to receive, but for the most part, we’ll follow up with a few questions to make sure we understand what is needed. Information you should send us includes:

  1. The technology you are interested in e.g. Solar PV
  2. The site address
  3. A description of the site and where you would like the installation to be
  4. Details on what you would like the system to achieve e.g. bring in income, reduce carbon, meet regulations etc.
  5. Your contact details

UK power network feed-in app management

The world of solar energy is expanding at an exponential rate. New innovations are poised to make impacts on the future of renewable energy, but many of these technologies are more accessible than you think! Rydal energy can monitor your feed-in solar panels in real-time through an app while you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

In a world of information and connectivity, customers want to be able to track and manage the performance of their energy systems. Rydal Energy’s feed-in management app is the most advanced and easy-to-use app in the solar industry. With its simple interface, you can monitor your energy production and consumption, plan future installs, schedule maintenance, adjust settings, track historical data, and receive notifications when anything changes with your system.

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Access to large-scale pricing

With decades of technological development, it seems that the dial is finally shifting in favour of ramping up large-scale solar energy development. Solar Thermal can be an expensive technology, and so consideration needs to be made as to whether it would be financially viable for your buildings. Rydal Energy makes Solar Thermal schemes more feasible and assist with life cycle costs for your business and premises, but most importantly, it is worth keeping in mind that this is an excellent source of electricity generation not only for you but also for the environment as it helps to keep greenhouse gases at a minimum. Moreover, no maintenance cost involved in this type of power production means that you can enjoy lower electricity bills while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.

Project management

Rydal Energy is one of the leading solar panel installers throughout the East of England. We are committed to providing you with the highest possible levels of customer service, whilst saving you money on your electricity bill and reducing your carbon emission footprint. From initial contact, survey and planning through to the final connection of your solar array, we will provide you with a single point of contact to ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget and meets all your requirements. Our commercial solar panel project management advisers have many years of experience in the business. We will gladly provide an assessment of your energy usage and suggest a course of action that would best suit your needs. We operate a policy of transparency, whether dealing with small solar panel installations for SME’s or large multi-purpose roof and ground-mounted arrays for larger companies.

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