Remote working

Rydal deskphones and their associated applications offer an excellent solution for remote working, enabling seamless communication for your teams, regardless of their location.

Stay connected, regardless of the situation

Working remotely has become a hot topic in recent years, with many companies offering flexible working options to their employees. But are these options really changing productivity? A study recently suggested that employees who work from home are 23% more productive than those who work from an office.

Rydal’s range of products, including our advanced desk phones with removable tablets and a suite of business communication apps, you can remain connected no matter where you choose to work. Designed not only for remote work but also for hybrid working setups, our solutions offer seamless and intuitive device switching, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity throughout your workday.

Stay connected

Curo deskphones and the Curo app are designed to keep you and your team connected, no matter where you choose to work. With the flexibility offered by our products, staying in touch is effortless as you seamlessly transition between different work locations.

Work from anywhere with your smartphone or desktop computer. With Rydal Communications, you can make and receive calls, make conference calls, and even manage your extensions remotely. Setup is easy and all of your business telephone’s functionality is available to you wherever you go.

Monitoring solutions

With Curo desk phones and the Curo app, your team can make calls seamlessly, ensuring that each conversation is recorded and included in our comprehensive call analytics packages. Real-time visibility of missed calls empowers you to promptly return them, preventing any missed business opportunities.

By identifying your most active team members, you can offer support where needed. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to enhance performance by reviewing calls with your team, enabling continuous improvement.

How can Rydal help you with remote employee monitoring?

This is a vital tool that many businesses will need moving forward! Our team of specialists have the expert knowledge on how our tools can provide invaluable insight on the key development areas of your enterprise and enable you to maximise productivity.

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Remote Working FAQ

Rydal Comms offers a range of remote working telecommunications solutions with Curo, providing seamless communication for distributed teams.
Rydal Comms prioritises the security of remote working telecommunications with Curo by implementing robust measures to protect sensitive data, ensuring a secure and reliable communication environment.
Curo is designed to integrate smoothly with popular remote collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, enhancing the remote working experience by combining communication and collaboration capabilities.
Rydal Comms provides comprehensive technical support for Curo during remote work, assisting with connectivity issues and equipment setup problems to ensure uninterrupted communication and productivity for remote teams.


Reliable, Compliant & Secure

  • Stay connected even in outages
  • Several layers of security 
  • FCA & GDPR Compliant
  • Future Proof (Traditional phone lines will be switched off in 2025) 

Remote working is popular with many businesses and employees, but it comes with its own challenges.

Employers of remote workers have a responsibility to ensure the security and welfare of their staff. This means providing adequate equipment and support. A remote working policy sets out what you expect of home workers, as well as fixes problems if they arise.

When you get your staff working remotely, there are a lot of security concerns that you need to be aware of. If you have staff working from home for example, who manage corporate systems, the security of your network cannot be compromised. You can use a VPN to establish secure connections from your home network to the internet, and from there through the internal network to corporate systems.

Showcase your professional number

Previously, when working remotely, it was common to make business calls using your personal mobile device. With Curo Connect, you now have the ability to make and receive calls using your work number. Additionally, if you prefer to have the complete functionality of your deskphone, we can provide additional base units, allowing you to take your Curo tablet home with you.

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