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Softphone: What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

If you’re setting up a phone system, you need modern technology that meets your needs. Whether you’re the owner of a call center or running a business that involves your employees communicating with customers or each other, you might be looking for a system that offers modern solutions at competitive prices.

In this blog, you’ll explore what a softphone is, what benefits it offers, and how to use it. Let’s get started!

What Is a Softphone?

What Is a Softphone

A softphone is an application that offers the same services as a regular landline ― but with extra features. This application relies on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which facilitates online calls. 

Not only does it allow you to manage calls and related services from a computer, phone, or tablet but you can even use this application on a browser instead of downloading it. 

Best Features of Softphones

Since 1991, when the first public domain VoIP ―  Speak Freely ― was released, this technology has gained features beyond a simple call. 

Below is a list of all the extra features that modern softphones are now equipped with:

  • Contact Directory: This application lets you make a list of contacts. You can also share this list among coworkers, and you can ‘favorite’ contacts, too.
  • Caller ID: When you receive a call via this application, you can see who the caller is. 
  • Instant Messaging: Like a typical mobile, you can send texts through this application. 
  • Extension: With this application, you can connect a call to another account signed up in your group. 
  • Video Call: You can connect using both audio and visual with this application.
  • Security: When you use this application, you can keep your private information to yourself and use this new number for work. 
  • Call Hold: You can make someone wait and even personalise what they hear while they wait for you to come back on the call.
  • Call Transfer: You can pick up a call and send it to another coworker or device.
  • Signaling: The application will tell you when a coworker is available for a call.

Why Is A Softphone Right for You?

Why Is A Softphone Right for You

As you now know the answer to what is a softphone, you can begin to understand why it may be right for you and your business. 

Here’s why you should we believe this is the right system for businesses throughout the UK:

1. Cost Effective

Softphones can cost as little as £10 a month per user. In comparison, a new analog phone line can cost as much as £1,300. 

With this application, a single broadband connection can handle multiple calls simultaneously. This makes it easier to scale up compared to an analog phone system and is generally more cost-effective. Additionally, it helps avoid the higher charges often associated with long-distance calls.

2. Portable

This application lets you log in from your phone, PC, or tablet. You can still access the application through your login whether you’re using a work computer or a friend’s tablet.

3. Quick Installation

You can connect to this application using your existing internet connection, which often features an intuitive interface. Conversely, analog phone systems require wiring through your building as well as buying physical phones. 

4. Flexible 

One of the significant benefits is that you can tailor the features of this application to your needs. You can pick the VoIP provider that offers all the required features for the number of people you want to connect to your system. If your needs change, you can adjust your settings as required. 

On the other hand, installing a new analog phone line might require you to stop your business operations so a contractor can dig around your property.

5. Streamlined Management

This application allows you to manage your business phone system, including tracking when employees are on calls, their duration, and who they speak with.

You can analyse this data to decide whether some employees need training to close sales faster. 

How to Use a Softphone?

How to Use a Softphone

After knowing what is a softphone and its benefits, we will now teach you how to integrate it into your operating system. 

Before you begin, you’ll need to plan your phone system. This involves analysing your needs so that you can come up with a list of users and the features that your business may require. Additionally, make a list of what you will need to implement this system, such as a PC/phone/tablet, headset, and strong internet connection.

Next, you’ll have to find a VoIP provider that offers the services you require, Rydal is an award-winning telecoms provider, who can help with all your communications needs.

Now, let’s dive into how to use a softphone! 

  1. Sign Up for a Softphone: First, you should carefully review the provider’s details. When you’re sure you want to partner with this provider, download their application or go to the browser. Then, you should follow the steps to sign up and install it.
  1. Transfer Phone Numbers: Once you’ve set up your account, you should move all your numbers to this new system. This will prevent current clients from being unable to reach you.
  1. Setup Voicemail and Hold Calls: You’ll have to personalise your voicemail greeting and hold music once your account is set up. 
  1. Test Your Connection: Once you’re all set up, ensure the consistency of your connection by using the quality of service settings on your router. You should also alter your settings so phone calls get the minimal bandwidth they require: at least 100 Kbps.
  1. Use Your Virtual Phone: Now that your phone system is set up, you can call, text, or video conference. Using a dial pad or your keyboard, you can use the features.


Now that you know what a softphone is and how it can fulfill your modern communication needs, you can make an informed decision. From video calls to contact directories, this application provides more features than you could ever get with an analog phone system. 

Plus, a softphone has a faster setup, costs less than the analog version, and is easy to use. So, if you’re considering switching phone systems, keep in mind the capabilities and advantages of using a softphone.