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We’re Shortlisted for Energy Project of the Year

We are so thrilled to announce that Rydal Energy has been shortlisted for the Energy Project of the Year – Industrial & Agricultural award by The Energy Awards. This massive recognition shows what a huge impact we have on our customer base and their sustainability.

Innovative Energy Project of the Year

The Energy Awards have incredibly high standards for their applicants. Therefore, The project that we proudly submitted included 251 Longi Solar PV modules. This project is one of the many completed in 2024 by Rydal Energy. It showcases our commitment to sustainability and real life benefits of solar power. Our customer will be reducing their on-site business expenses annually by £30,000. Also, their carbon emission will be decreased by 54 tonnes every year, in fact, this would be equivalent to planting 2,700 trees every year.

Impressive Cost and Carbon Savings with Our Energy Project

By executing sustainable practices as such, we’re thrilled to help our customer base to save money and reduced their carbon footprint, which is incredibly important to the fight against climate change. Additionally, we would like to show how industrial and agricultural industries can successfully apply renewable energy practices in their every day processes and gain incredible financial and environmental results.

How Our Energy Project Provides Quick Return on Investment

Matthew Thorne, Rydal Energy’s Energy Commercial Manager, shows his excitement about the recognition: “We are absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted for this award. It highlights our efforts and the real life difference Rydal Energy’s projects are making. Additionally, our lovely customer will see a full return on investment within just four years.” This strong ROI measure shows the financial importance of investing in renewable energy technologies, inspiring more businesses to take this initiative.

Rydal Energy Plans for the Future

Firstly, In the next five years, we are committed to continue our energy initiatives with even more modern and sustainable technology & solutions. We’re proud to say that our future plans will include solar energy expansions, which will backed up by latest technology and incredible numbers, that highlight carbon footprint reductions for our customer base.

Secondly, we are committed to be a leader in sustainable future and help businesses achieve their environmental targets. We will introduce more across-the-board energy management systems.

And finally, our goal is to combine solar power with battery storage and energy efficiency measures to make sure our customers utilise their solar energy solutions to maximum expansion.

Upcoming Award Ceremony in London

We can’t wait for the award night that will take place in London. Big congratulations to all of the businesses shortlisted. We look forward to seeing you all in London on the 3rd of July 2024!

Most importantly, the event organised by The Energy Awards will draw together industry leaders and innovators across the whole UK. We can not wait to utilise this platform to celebrate achievements and share best practices in sustainable energy. To conclude, Rydal Energy is honoured to be part of this group and we are really looking forward to continue our mission of promoting renewable energy solutions.

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