We are pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic initiative for all UK businesses. The Rydal Comms Business Grant is one of our new corporate social responsibility initiatives that we hope will support the business community. The Rydal Grant is a £100k fund to support businesses with faster broadband speeds. We chose to … Read more

Rydal Group is committed to deliver quality and value to our customers–providing a full range of managed Cloud services with security, and data protection at the heart of everything we do. Our business development team takes an agile approach to extend our services to where our clients need us the most, this includes all formal … Read more

Develop a Script for Brand Consistency There is no denying the importance of building a memorable and recognisable brand, and brand consistency is a vital part of this. Developing a telephone script for all team members to use is a great way to boost brand consistency, as customers come to expect the same professional and … Read more

Microsoft are continuously trying to improve, and with development comes change. So, it’s not a massive shock to hear Microsoft are making some large adjustments to the way Managed Service Providers (MSP) buy and provide Microsoft licenses. Microsoft are introducing this new programme as ‘The New Commerce Experience’, and its objective is to bring everybody … Read more

If you have a shop, restaurant, or any other kind of business premises where you employ at least one person, you need to ensure that your employees aren’t tied to their desks all day. You could install a VoIP telephone system for them. That way, your receptionists and sales staff can still be productive even … Read more

The Great British ISDN/PSTN Switch Off: Everything You Need to Know Firstly, let us explain to you what the terms ISDN & PSTN mean: The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) are UK’s nationwide facilities that transmit voice calls, data and other communication services. Why are they being switched … Read more

For many years now, more and more businesses have been opening their doors to allow employees to work from home. This was initially a way for companies to cut costs by reducing overhead but has since become a great way to ensure productivity is not affected by distance. Telecommuting should be seen as a natural … Read more

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdDoSfO7jvI&t=43sVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: VoIP business phone system – 5 Key hints & tips when implementing your VoIP system (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdDoSfO7jvI&t=43s) Our Managing Director, Steffan Dancy, has put together 5 hints & tips for you when implementing a VoIP phone system. We see these considerations being overlooked on a daily basis and many … Read more

The importance of uptime in your business is one of the most important requirements for UK businesses. It only usually after a downtime event that many companies realise the importance of having Care Levels applied to their business telephone lines. Downtime for your internet or phone lines can hinder the daily running of your business, … Read more

With so many new phones hitting the market this year, equipped with enhanced features powerful enough to turn our hand-held devices into our business portals, it is worth knowing the top business apps to fully utilise our smart phones in business. The requirement for business apps on smart phones is significant as most of us choose to schedule meetings, appointments … Read more