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Maximise Your Telecom Setup with These 14 Tips

Develop a Script for Brand Consistency

There is no denying the importance of building a memorable and recognisable brand, and brand consistency is a vital part of this. Developing a telephone script for all team members to use is a great way to boost brand consistency, as customers come to expect the same professional and informative conversation whenever they get in touch.


Organise Team Training on Business Telephone Systems

Once a new business telephone system has been put into place, organise team training to ensure everyone is able to use the system with ease. Not only does this reduce the chances of something going wrong and calls accidentally going awry, but it helps to build confidence. It’s a lot more enjoyable to use a telephone system you understand.


Use New Phone System Hardware

It’s a good idea to invest in new telephone system, as this ensures that you have everything needed to receive a good service. A business telecoms strategy is more likely to go to plan when the latest hardware is being used.


Understand Customer Expectations

The first step towards improving customer experience is to understand your customers and what they expect from you in terms of service.Today’s customer expects anytime, anywhere access. Due to the rapid changes brought in by the latest technologies, their requirement to get seamless accessibility has increased. They seek fast resolutions to their challenges. Customers are now looking for various connectivity alternatives such as live mobile chats, text chats, SMS, voice support and so on. Hence, they keep moving from one communication method to another to get a better experience and solution to their problems.


Enlist a Professional Business Telephone Systems Team

There is nothing easy about setting up a business telecoms strategy, which is why it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional team. Not only does this ensure that you have a strategy that works for your business, but it also means that help is at hand should anything go wrong.


Establish an Emergency Phone Plan

You should be prepared for disaster scenarios. One way of guaranteeing you’ll have uptime at all times is to build a hybrid on-premises/cloud-based VoIP system. That way, if your provider’s cloud goes down, then you can use your internal resources to transfer calls. Or if there’s a flood in your neighbourhood, then you can transfer all of your workload to your provider’s cloud. If the phone system is down on both the cloud and local level, then it’s crucial that you direct phone traffic to other communication methods such as chat and email. Your customers will still be angry, but they’ll probably opt to voice their displeasure to your chat agents rather than venting on social media.


Deliver Multi-Channel Engagement

The new-gen digitally savvy customers prefer to engage with service providers through multiple channels, at their whim. They may engage with customer support through live chat, post a tweet, send a voice message to the customer care, email their problems, or call up the support directly. All that depends on the most suitable option available to them at a particular time. They expect round-the-clock support and consistent service across all touchpoints and channels of engagement. A sound omnichannel engagement strategy is indispensable for telecom companies to engage with their customers effectively and enhance their experience.


Separate VoIP Traffic via VLAN

You can use a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) to segment voice traffic. You can think of a VLAN as a network within the network. VLANs can be based on several characteristics, including location, devices, user groups, and, yes, traffic type. In the case of VoIP, a VLAN will simply segment that traffic within your overall network capacity to provide more immediate responsiveness. This is particularly useful for companies with more than 50 employees using a VoIP service.


All for one and one for all

It can be far more cost and time efficient to keep your broadband, mobile and telecoms billing together – make sure your provider is offering telecoms bundles, along with capped rates and low recursive charges.


Future-proofing your business

It’s important to ensure that your telecoms provider is consistently providing innovative solutions to drive your business forward. From low cost IP solutions to new technology or agreement types to suit your business, look for a provider with a proactive approach to upgrading your systems to stay at the forefront of changing telecoms technology.


Personalise the Engagement

Do you know that 60% of your callers bypass IVR, and around 83% of interactions that begin with IVR end up as a direct conversation with a live agent?Co-opting new technology such as Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots go a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction.


A specialist service

With a range of telecoms providers to choose from, ensure that any agreement is tailored to your business size. For example, as Rydal specialises in telecoms solutions for SMEs, they are well placed to offer advice based on practical experience – constructing a cost-effective strategy to suit your business type.


CRM Integration

We understand that your business uses a CRM, which is why our phone systems integrate with your businesses CRM no matter which CRM system you use it can integrate with your phone system to save you time and money. Automated tracking is another benefit of CRM and phone integration as it helps to keep a track of recent calls made and details you have exchanged over the phone.


Microsoft Teams

Our phone systems are integrated with Microsoft Teams, meaning that all the excellent features from the app are equipped into your phone system, giving you the great benefits of its countless features. Microsoft Teams allows you to schedule meetings from outlook and have HD conference calls, allowing you to speak to multiple parties at once, ideal if you require a face-t-face meeting with various people who are not in your vicinity.Other excellent features from Microsoft include, PowerPoint presentations, a terrific way to convey your ideas visually to an audience, create polls for an audience and record conversations with the option to play them back. This is another effective way to account your client meetings if you do not have time to take notes physically.

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