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Top Android Mobile Apps for Business in 2018

With so many new phones hitting the market this year, equipped with enhanced features powerful enough to turn our hand-held devices into our business portals, it is worth knowing the top business apps to fully utilise our smart phones in business. The requirement for business apps on smart phones is significant as most of us choose to schedule meetings, appointments and communicate with our business associates through our Androids due to the convenience of these tools in a fast-paced environment where we cannot always access a desktop or laptop. Here are some of the most useful apps that Rydal have found our clients enjoy using to placate difficulties and boost work rate. 


1. Lightening Web Browser  

Although most new mobiles are stocked with software that already supports fast web browsing, if you are looking to speed things up further to help your business, then look no further than the Lightening Web Browser. The free browser is available in the Google Play Store, and has several features which support and enhance fast paced business use. Utilising the WebKit rendering engine which is built into your android, it brings incredible speeds to your web browser. The design is carefully crafted with all tabs and bookmarks eased to the side so that you can enjoy a full screen browse on your smart phone. You can use incognito mode to avoid leaving a footprint and Orbot and TOR proxy will help you send business files to colleagues with full safety, making Lightening Web Browser a practical and efficient business app. 


2. Google Drive  

Google Drive is perhaps the original base for online file syncing and sharing, but through googles progressive attitude, Drive is continuously improving with business users feeling the fresh benefits of such a dynamic app. Google Drive allows users to store and synchronise digital content across computers, laptops, smart phones and even tablets, sanctioning and supporting the safe storage of files and the user to user sharing of files without the requirement for emails and other barriers. Google Drive is also a great way to back-up files, if you lose one of your devices, a disc or USB, your business is not under jeopardy because Drive backs up all folders. Drive also converts PDF files to text allowing the user to edit the file. Most importantly, the app is collaborative and allows users to do all the above as well as share music, overall it is a great addition to the arsenal of any business.  


3. Skype  

Skype has been promoted as a social networking app for years, with friends and relatives communicating through video, voice and messenger chat, it has broken down boundaries and allowed people to reach each other and have video conversations from different sides of the world. Skype is also a very powerful business tool, allowing businesses to have face-to-face meetings, group meetings and even allowing calls to landline and mobile numbers. Cameras on smart phones are improving quickly, which means that Skype will continue to evolve and create better quality conversation between parties. Skype also has a group feature, meaning that a group meeting can take place on a call either from laptops or mobile phones. The app also includes Skype Translator, a necessary tool for global clients, file sending, group screen sharing and even the ability to Skype from Outlook. Overall, the app is continuously progressing, and adding further features to benefit businesses.


4. Expensify  

Expensify is a great way to record expenses that your business accumulates through work, and keep a track of them to reimburse employees, or employers equally. It is important for a business to keep track of outgoings for every bill to be paid on time and in full, and by having them all recorded in the same app the calculations will be easier. Expensify is also a great way to see if your business is overspending, and look for patterns and areas in which costs could be lowered. Using Expensify, users could also see areas in which their business is saving money overtime, and having the ability to do all of this from the comfort of your Android, alleviates unnecessary stress in your daily business routine. Expensify creates expense reports that lead to more efficient workflow and comes with comprehensive integrations with major accounting packages.  


5. Microsoft Teams   

Microsoft Teams is just one of the astounding features that Microsoft Office 365 brings to the business world. Office 365 itself is an amazing tool, and will benefit any business profoundly. Microsoft Teams is available for Android and compatible with desktop use, meaning that users can chat, exchange files and even video call (Android only feature) through the app. Users can chat, group chat, share files and make calls through the app. Microsoft Teams also gives users the ability to schedule meetings, and host meetings through the app, creating a cost-effective way to build rapport through face-to-face conversation. The app is highly customisable from being able to individualise the visuals to suit your liking, to organising files, chats and contacts in a way that works for you, Microsoft Teams have covered all bases with this utilitarian effort, and Microsoft Office 365 has surpassed itself with some stunning apps. Microsoft Teams is an app for everybody, a useful app packed with user friendly features which any business can benefit from.  


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