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How Rydals Phone Systems Can Help Your Business

Phone systems are a fundamental role in the success of any business, because we understand that communication on any scale is pivotal to grow. Many businesses are restricted from reaching their full potential because they are unaware of the fascinating features their phone systems could possess, which would give them the edge on their competition.  

This means that having the correct phone systems in place is crucial as it means less spending on additional features and upgrades over a period, rather just a one-off cost to a correct provider which will include all the essentials needed to bring the best out of your business.  

At Rydal, we have covered all bases with our phone systems, making sure that you are contactable under any circumstance, and through key studies and an innovative approach we have created a forward-thinking phone system which includes features allowing businesses to continuously communicate as freely and easily as possible.  


Mobile Phone App

Rydals mobile phone app is a useful tool for staying in contact on the move, as it has some functional features which can really help you communicate while being away from your desk. One of the key features in the app is the ability to answer calls through it, this means that calls are diverted to your mobile phone when you are on the move.

The app is also useful if you are away on a business trip and cannot reach your phone, so you can answer your landline business number from a different continent if necessary at no extra cost if you are connected to the internet!


Desktop App

Have no landline OR mobile phone around you? That’s no problem! Rydals systems are equipped with a desktop app so you can manage your phone systems from the comfort of a desktop with a user-friendly app, which allows you to take calls and messages from a laptop or desktop. The desktop app is like the mobile app, meaning that these user-friendly apps are easy to navigate around


Prompt Calling

Prompt calling is another excellent feature for business as it means calls can be made and messages can be delivered without delay to both your business and your clients.


Client Calling

Sometimes calls between you and your clients can be packed with large amounts of information, perhaps even overloaded, and we understand that fully which is why we have added a feature which allows you to take notes throughout the call fully utilizing the time spent communicating with your clients, we have you covered!


CRM Integration

We understand that your business uses a CRM, which is why our phone systems integrate with your businesses CRM no matter which CRM system you use it can integrate with your phone system to save you time and money. Automated tracking is another benefit of CRM and phone integration as it helps to keep a track of recent calls made and details you have exchanged over the phone.


Skype for Business

Our phone systems are integrated with Skype for business, meaning that all the excellent features from the app are equipped into your phone system, giving you the great benefits of its countless features. Skype for business allows you to schedule meetings from outlook and have HD conference calls with up to 6 people, allowing you to speak to multiple parties at once, ideal if you require a face-t-face meeting with various people who are not in your vicinity. Other excellent features from Skype for Business include, PowerPoint presentations, a terrific way to convey your ideas visually to an audience, create polls for an audience and record conversations with the option to play them back. This is another effective way to account your client meetings if you do not have time to take notes physically.


Communication barriers are lessening daily, and businesses who stay ahead with innovative communication systems will certainly have the advantage on those who do not, and with phone system like ours, which can have a positive impact on any business, it is worth investing into your future!

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