What Is Cyber Resilience

As a business, relying on an information system requires securing it. Businesses now rely on cyber security to combat online threats. According to reports, firms’ cybersecurity budgets have increased by over 50% since 2020.   However, cyber security is only part of a bigger concept: cyber resilience. This concept targets not just the protection and recovery … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting

If you’ve created an application or website or simply need to run one as part of your core operations, you’ll need to store it reliably. Among your storage options, there’s cloud hosting. It’s a service that companies offer to host your software so that you can access it through the cloud.  However, you should understand … Read more

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support Services for Businesses

Business disruptions, whether caused by a simple malfunctioning scanner or a severe cyber attack, can be costly. During these downtimes, your employees are unable to work, and your data may fall into the wrong hands. Despite these issues, you still need to cover your overhead costs, and your reputation could suffer from frustrated customers. When … Read more

Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery Distinguishing the Key Differences 

As recent years have demonstrated with earthquakes, civil unrest, power outages, and even the spread of disease, a crisis is inevitable. These emergencies could prevent your business from conducting operations, causing financial loss.  Going through an emergency with no plan can be difficult. However, using business continuity can facilitate a quick return to operation. Alternatively, … Read more

What Is IT Support Does My Business Need It

Your business most probably uses some kind of technology, even if it’s just to send messages or use spreadsheets to assign duties. When this technology breaks down, it can stop your operations for hours or even days—unless you have IT support.  What is IT support? It’s the help you need to repair your information system. … Read more

What Is Penetration Testing

As technology becomes more accessible and sophisticated, cyber risks increase. A cyber attack can damage your system, steal your data, and destroy your reputation as they reveal your user’s private information. That’s where penetration testing – a cyber security test – comes in.  With this type of security test, you can assess your system and … Read more

What Is Backup and Disaster Recovery and Why Do You Need It?

Human error can ruin a business transaction but even computers aren’t perfect. They can crash, receive malware, or short out during a natural disaster. In each of those situations, your business risks losing precious files that you need to stay operational. That’s where backup disaster recovery plans come in. With these processes and procedures, you … Read more

What Are Managed IT Services? Meaning, Types, Benefits and Challenges

Hiring IT experts can be expensive and an inefficient transaction if IT isn’t part of your main operations. Even if your business isn’t focused on IT, you still have to interact with this technology. That’s where Managed IT services come in.  Whether it’s to maintain an app for a restaurant menu or to protect a … Read more

What Is a Network Cable Why Is It Important

If you’ve ever set up a gaming system, changed out an outdated internet cable, or even just connected your computer straight to a router, you’ve worked with a network cable. The foundation of our networked world consists of these wires. They function as data highways, enabling “talk” between computers, printers, and other devices and internet … Read more

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan Everything Explained

Today, businesses rely a lot on technology· From managing sales online to keeping track of payroll, technology plays a significant role in everything· But what if something goes wrong, like a power cut, a flood, or a cyberattack? These events can stop a business in its tracks· This is where a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) comes in. … Read more