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5 Cybersecurity Quick Measures

Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can break down your cybersecurity essentials into 5 quick measures that will make a huge difference for your business. And here’s what we recommend:

Same Password won’t benefit your Cybersecurity

This is the cardinal rule of internet security. If you use the same password on every online account, and it becomes compromised, then all your accounts are vulnerable. If a hacker exposes your password on one website, their next step is typically to use that password to try and hack their email account. From there, they can use password recovery to hack any account that uses that email address.


Use a Password Manager to practise Cybersecurity measures

Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a big team, it’s important to make sure that your passwords are secure and easy to remember. But how do you manage hundreds of different passwords without keeping track of them on post-it notes stuck to your monitor? The answer is simple: use a password manager! This way, you only need to remember one master password, which is used to unlock your password manager. And for bonus points, shore up your password manager with multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor Authentication measure

Multi-factor authentication is a great way to make sure your accounts are protected. Even strong passwords are not enough to confer protection, it’s become necessary to develop new methods of providing it. Enter multi-factor authentication, which adds extra checks to an online account to improve its level of protection. By requiring added input from the user, it’s harder for a would-be hacker to provide enough of the necessary information to mimic the legitimate account owner.


Regular Updates

Updating software will give you the latest features and improvements, but also provide important security patches. They ensure your business has the best, most up-to-date versions of the software it uses, protect against harmful cyberattacks that could cost your business more than it can afford. Second, updating software isn’t as time-consuming as you might think. You can set up your computer to update automatically or manually update when convenient for you and your employees.


Cybersecurity Antivirus Software

Protecting your staff’s devices is critical. Without antivirus software, your personal information, your data, and even your bank account are at risk. Antivirus software protects computers in many ways. For starters, most antiviruses offer more than just “virus” protection. They protect computers from all different kinds of malware, like spyware, rootkits, phishing, and ransomware. For this reason, antiviruses are frequently interchangeably referred to as “anti-malware” programs, you can read our blog about What is Malware?

Cybersecurity isn’t something to take lightly. Here are 5 cybersecurity quick measures to help get your business protect and give you a peace of mind. If you want to implement better security in your business, get in touch with Rydal Infotech and speak with one of our consultants today:

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