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Modernising your Business Phone System

Modernising your Business Phone System

There’s a strong possibility that you’re reading this blog because you’re thinking about modernising your business phone system. Well, look no further.

Rydal Communications, a leading provider of telecommunications, IT, energy and security services, was founded in 2008 by Steffan Dancy. The company started from a home-based location and delivered services to small businesses in the Peterborough area. Now celebrating its 14th birthday, Rydal has won over a dozen industry awards, acquired multiple businesses and has partnered with the biggest decision makers in the UK. How? you might ask. It is important to stay on top of trends and adapt to the modern technology in order to ensure your business’s continued growth and success. This blog will give you some insight about why it is so important to modernise your phone system.

According to reports from the business world, to stay ahead of technological developments, businesses should be replacing their mobile handsets every 18-24 months and their desktop computers every 5 years. At the bottom of that list, and often overlooked, is the telephone systems – which should be replaced after a decade of usage. The installation of modernised telephony systems was once a source of concern. However, services today optimise the switch-over to a new system and make it as seamless as possible. Speaking of switch-over, every year put off a new telephone system, you are getting a little bit closer to the ISDN switch-off – the biggest renovation and modernisation of communication networks since the actual invention of the telephone. You can read our blog about ‘The Great British Switch Off’ here.

Delivering a Better Customer Experience with Modernised Business Phone System

People & businesses would rather pay a little bit more to have a product/service from a company that is known to deliver a high level of support, rather than opt for a cheaper product/service, knowing there’s a potential for terrible service. In addition, you must prioritise having a strong customer services and technical support team to help your customers with any issues. It has become invaluable to keeping your operations running at full capacity. With this support for your customer, you as a business, need to be able to get hold of people when you need them.  This is where a phone system, that is rich in features, will go the furthest in assisting your business. By boosting your level of customer service and internal operations, your business becomes elevated by having more power and speed.

Missed Call Tracking and how Modernising your Business Phone System can help with this issue

Missed call tracking is an absolute must-have. Reporting shows that businesses on average miss around 22% of the calls they receive. Over time, this is a lot of missed opportunities. This feature tracks every call into your business, most importantly, the missed ones. It may seem like an obvious and simple feature, but by having this backup, you can rest assured that any missed calls are not only caught but the information is stored and ready to use for your advantage when you inevitably return the call.

Call Recording

With call recording enabled, every one of your calls (both incoming and outbound) will be recorded. This feature is both valuable and helpful and can improve cold calling by providing valuable feedback. There are two things, why call recording is helpful. The first one, allow you to go back and check the quality of the telephone support you and your team are giving. As we mentioned before, modern consumers are looking for modern experience. Staying regularly aware of your customer satisfaction levels, and any recurrent problems, you can make sure you’re maximising customer experience and staying ahead of the competition. The Second one is referencing. Every call with your customers is important. However, often, details are lost or forgotten. With call recording, you can quickly and easily listen back to previous calls and remind yourself of any important call specifics that might have been missed the first time.

Wifi Data Capture on Modern Business Phone System

Do you already offer free guest Wi-Fi? Well, why not get something in return and keep your customers happy and entertained while they access the internet, check their emails, or scroll on social media. With Wi-Fi data capture, any business can get something out of this exchange. The benefit for you is the invaluable customer data that you can gather on your real customer base. Contact information and demographic statistics can be gathered while you prompt them to check out your social media pages or leave a positive review. When potential customers search for your business online, they like to see most recent reviews. For example, if a customer were to search for Rydal Communications reviews online, our 4.8-star Google rating would appear, with the most up to date reviews.  You will capture valuable customer data patterns. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.


Technology Integration 

By integrating your business telephone system with your computer and your CRM, you can greatly increase the speed at which you assist your customers. The integration identifies an incoming phone number, linked to a customer or patient record, triggering a pop-up onto your computer screen with all that customer’s details. You can then immediately greet the caller quickly and, just as importantly, personally. This action alone has seen an average of 150-200 admin hours saved per year. Just by not having to go and individually search for customer records through a mixture of Microsoft Office 365 products. With the right technology integration, this is what sets certain businesses apart from their competitors, wow’s their customers and keeps them retained year after year.


How does Modernising your Business Phone System works with costs

There was once a time when calls over landlines were the only way to communicate. This resulted in long-distance calls being quite expensive for the average consumer. But, with certain modern telephone systems, using the internet to relay calls data circumvents this problem, making long-distance and domestic calls potentially free – depending on your provider.

For example, Rydal Comms Curo VoIP system allows free calls to UK landline numbers. Mobile numbers and numbers starting 01, 02, 03 can take advantage of this feature. When it comes to equipment there is also room to make savings. Brains of the systems sit within the cloud. There is no need for any additional hardware on-site – just the pre-programmed VoIP handsets. Businesses can save themselves a lot of money and time, compared to older, more physical systems


Modernising your Business Phone Systems Conclusion

We’ve talked about the benefits of upgrading your business’ telephone system. Once you forget about your current system just “doing the job” and start to see the range of benefits that a new, modernized telephone system can bring your entire operation – it becomes a no brainer. By investing in a top-quality hosted phone system, you can transform your customer experiences. Also, increase the success of your business and move to a more cost-effective way of operating your business, knowing it’s future-proof and built to scale. Your telephone system is one of your business’s most important tools, so why just make do?

If you’d like to talk about modernising your telephone system and see a demonstration, complete the contact form below. We’ll be in touch to schedule a time that works for you.

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