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Seamless Office-to-Home Calls with Rydal VoIP System

Recent times has resulted in speeding up our businesses road map, specifically technologies have sped up and become an integral part. That said, business VoIP systems have become paramount in supporting home working and transferring calls between home and office users across the UK and in some cases globally.

One of the biggest challenges we see companies tackling is the ability to transfer calls between the office and home. This is usually down to antiquated business phone systems where the on-premise call server is at the head offices site. Some reasons why an on-premise server doesn’t work well for remote workers are as follows:


  1. With the call server being in your premises, the call has to hit that location before it can route out to another location. This relies on the sites line quality or broadband speed to push the call back out to the home location.


  1. Just because ‘SIP Lines’ are on connected to the on-premise phone system doesn’t mean you are safe from working at home easily. As in point 1, calls still must come into the on prem call server and this is reliant on your broadband at site.


  1. Mobile applications also tend to have a huge delay when using an on-premise call server, mainly again because the call has to go into your office, then back out to you over the internet connection. This can be like a cloud solution if you have a solid managed network in place to ensure call traffic has priority. This is referred to a QOS – quality of service.


  1. You can set up call forwarding on any phone system but the downside to this is viability and you want to know if someone is free and available.


To ensure home working works well you need to be on a solid

cloud solution, where call routing is controlled in the cloud, which in simple terms means the call server is stored in a data Centre where you know the connection in and out is solid with resilience. This means the mobile and desktop application software you have with a cloud-based phone system (VoIP) doesn’t lag when transferring calls.


Our Curo IP cloud solution has many benefits to help cloud calls such as:


  • Dedicated Mobile Application

Curo IP Mobile App


  • Desktop software which works on Windows & Mac allowing you to easily see who is available, busy or on another call. You can also filter by departments or search easily using the search field within the dashboard.


  • Wi-Fi handsets, which means your staff don’t need to have a 10m wire running through their home to hook up to their broadband.



  • Visibility of who is free and available at any time.


  • Easily filter by departments for bigger teams


  • Easy to use admin panel to allow you to control how call routes easily, traditional on-premise phone systems are not easy to administer and having control when you need to do something quick is sometimes beneficial.


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