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5 Microsoft Teams Tips You May Not Know

We have put together some really useful tips on how to get more from Microsoft Teams, if you need any help with your IT infrastructure please don’t hesitate to complete the form below or call 01733 511116

1. Scheduling meetings from within Teams
You can schedule meetings from within the Microsoft Teams desktop or mobile application. From within a team or channel, you click the small camera icon to meet now or using the same icon you can also choose to schedule a meeting as you would in Outlook.

From within the teams dashboard you will see this icon in the top right hand corner:

From within the Calendar dashboard you will see this icon also in the top right hand corner:

2. Save Messages and bookmark your conversations
This is a really neat and handy piece of functionality which allows you to save a message sent to you by another Microsoft teams user all by clicking the 3 dots ‘…’ next to the message:


Then you can recall all your saved messages by clicking on your profile picture top right and selecting ‘Saved’ or possibly quicker would be to type in the command bar /saved.

This is a really easy and simple feature that many users who have Teams don’t use. Try it and see your life improve 🙂

3. Navigation Buttons (< >)
The simple tips are always the best, check this one out!

When I first started using Teams, i loved it so much, but there was also some challenges in regards to juggling tasks firing in. I found myself popping in and out of chats. The navigation buttons were my saviour, allowing me to move forward and back between the recent areas i have been. Give it a go, its dead easy to use and saves you some time on Microsoft Teams.

4. Zoom in and out just like in your Browser!

All you need to do is press ‘CTRL+’ to zoom in, and ‘CTRL-‘ to zoom out.

If you need to zoom in on that important document it saves you having to download it fully before you respond.

5. We can integrate Microsoft Teams with ANY phone system.

Exactly what it says on the tin, we can provide your integration with your existing phone system and ensure you benefit from our wholesale call bundles rather then Microsofts high fees and limited functionality. if you would like to know more please do reach out to us.

This is the key pay you should see within your Microsoft team dial pad. This is easily accessed by hitting ‘calls’ on the left menu.

I hope the above is useful information that will help you navigate your MS Teams application.

Should you require any guidance or help with your current IT set up please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01733 511116

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