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PSTN Switch Off: Is VoIP your best option?

PSTN Switch Off

PSTN Switch-off raises a crucial question, Is VoIP your best option?

Impact of PSTN Switch on New VoIP Users

Out of the surveyed UK-based IT decision-makers, 18% have already transitioned from PSTN Switch-off to VoIP Provider and the results are promising. Over half of these businesses (54%) have reported experiencing a marked improvement in workplace flexibility. Additionally, 49% noted increased operational efficiency, citing enhanced access to devices and applications. Furthermore, 42% highlighted bolstered technical capabilities, including features like call recording, transcription services, and artificial intelligence integration.

The study, which delved into the perspectives of 500 UK IT decision-makers, also shed light on the current reliance on PSTN. Astonishingly, 88% of UK businesses are still dependent and in questions if after PSTN switch-off, is VoIP your best option? on this now-outdated network for crucial services like analogue phone lines, broadband, and alarm systems.

Despite this reliance, a glimmer of optimism prevails. A significant portion of surveyed businesses view the impending PSTN switch off as a catalyst for change. Specifically, 37% see it as an opportunity to modernise their IT and telecoms infrastructure, while 35% consider it a chance to assess their existing digital transformation strategy.

For businesses that have already made the leap, digital transformation emerges as a driving force. 63% attributed their migration away from PSTN to broader digital transformation initiatives within their organisations.

Transformative Options For New VoIP Users Who’s Affected by PSTN Switch-off

Liz Hawke, Product Manager UC&C at M247, emphasised the transformative potential of adopting VoIP and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), saying, “Making the move to a new IP network, such as VoIP and SIP, can act as a great springboard for digital transformation, dramatically improving workplace flexibility and efficiency, particularly in today’s hybrid-working era. The businesses embarking on this journey are reaping the benefits of VoIP already.”

Is There Enough Exposure About PSTN Switch-off?

Despite these encouraging findings, M247 also highlighted a pressing need for increased awareness of the PSTN switch-off and its ramifications for day-to-day business operations. A majority of respondents (54%) expressed doubts about the adequacy of Openreach’s efforts in publicising the switch-off, and only 31% of businesses that had already switched were primarily motivated by the impending transition.

Liz Hawke emphasised the urgency surrounding these pivotal dates: “Following September’s PSTN stop-sell, businesses will be unable to place any new orders for PSTN services or make significant changes to existing services. In 2025, the network will be switched off for good. These should be crucial dates in all businesses’ calendars. Companies can no longer afford to overlook these events as, without access to vital internet and VoIP services, serious disruption to business is inevitable. We’re hoping to bring some well-needed awareness to this and highlight the urgency and importance of adopting robust, reliable VoIP connectivity services ahead of the PSTN switch-off.”

So, what is the best VoIP-based phone system?

At Rydal, we recommend the Curo IP (VoIP) solution. This IP-based phone system is becoming more and more popular with businesses, which will make your business phone less susceptible to outages. These days, everybody expects fast, flawless service from their telephone system. Our Curo IP has got this covered in many ways. The biggest feature may be the 24/7 uptime and the fact that, if there is a problem, there are no wet cables to check or fix because everything is online. Everyone could do with some of that!

Finding the right VoIP provider for your business

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