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Tech Review: What’s New with iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max

The launch of an Apple iPhone is always a storm of an event. Apple always aims to be the pioneer of technology in both the consumer and business world – and it usually succeeds. How does it fit this time around?

This year, for the first time ever, Apple is all 4 smart phones on the same day! In total there is the iPhone 13, a smaller version the iPhone 13 mini and two higher-end phones which we are reviewing here. Thhis is the iPhone 13 pro (from £40.00 + vat per month)  and iPhone 13 pro max (from £50 + vat per month).

Introducing iPhone 13 Pro — Apple - YouTube

Choosing between the two is usually quite hard, but this year we feel its easier than usual. Apart from the screen size and battery, the two phones are practically the same. The battery and camera quality, like most phones, are the most 2 important focus areas with Apples new pricing. We have entered an era of phones being £1000 as standard (how scary is this!!)

We feel the extra size of the 6.7 inch screen on the iPhone 13 pro max is hugely appealing, and once you’ve gone big, it’s hard to go small again. We feel this time around many of our business iPhone customers will opt for the bigger screen! 

It also means that in this joint review, pretty much everything applies to both phones equally, from the design to the cameras to the performance.

Lets dig deeper into the key areas of the iPhone 13 release.

Powerful cameras

The three cameras on the iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max have really improved over the iPhone 13, which has two, and the popular Apple iPhone 12 pro max which had the best camera previously based on our experiance and our business client feedback

The 12-megapixel cameras have wide view to draw in light effectively, which is helped by new tech brought in last year on the iPhone 12 pro. Some of the benefits include a sensor which can record depth information quickly, for precise definition even in low light.

Apple’s special effects dominate this time around. Portrait mode, is very sharp focus and the background blurred, comes to video on the iPhone 13 pro, with something called “cinematic mode”. This is very smart,  with the ability to know when someone is looking at the camera or not and focuses on them if they are, this is in line with the tech used in film sets, powerful stuff! well done Apple!

Battery life

Two years ago, Apple made a huge move forward, ensuring devices last through the day (yipeeeeee) without the need of carrying a battery pack.  Last year’s iPhone 12 moved a small step forward and this year there’s another big step forward, giving users up to 2.5 hours extra battery life in the iPhone 13 pro max, which is said to be the best iPhone battery life ever. Please note, the iPhone 13 pro also gains extra life and an evident improvement.

The Apple Iphone 13 is the fastest ever

According to Apple the new chip the A15 is their fastest and best yet. The focus here is the ever evolving world of tech in your hand and the need to be able to access what you need as quick as possible. Speed is one of the most vital elements of technology and the Iphone 13 pro and pro max has delivered.

We hope the information within helps understand the key improvements of the Apple Iphone 13, specifically the pro and pro max. Don’t forget there is a standard and mini option which allows you to pick a tariff which works for you.

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