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VoIP Phone Systems for Estate Agencies

VoIP Cloud phone systems for Estate Agencies can be significant tool. When it comes to communications, lettings agencies and estate agents rely on their phones. Missed calls, disorganized telecoms, and a lack of professionalism can potentially make or break a sale. So why should you be upgrading to Rydal Comms award-winning VoIP Cloud phone system?

VoIP Smart Call Routing

The smart call routing feature in Rydal Comms award-winning VoIP Cloud phone system enables your Estate Agencies users to complete paperwork and view properties from wherever they happen to be. Whether completing paperwork at the office or whizzing round to let prospective buyers view a property, it can be quite rare for an estate agent to find themselves sat in a single location for a whole day. If you want to solve the problem of callers getting routed to voicemail while they’re calling you during business hours, we’ve got a solution that integrates with your existing phone system. VoIP smart call routing means your business can now scale to match its growth, with intelligent routing ensuring calls are directed to the right agent at the right times.

Once agents are out and about conducting valuations and viewings. Cross device capabilities will handle calls via smartphones as well as desk phones, laptops and desktop computers in the office. Inbound call queuing with bespoke music lets your team focus on the task at hand. Hold music is delivered to prospects in real time, showing them, you care about their business, recognizing them for the value they’re bringing. Plus, the system allows for pre-programmed announcements and messages that you can use to make a personal connection with your customers.

Keep your Estate Agency Offices Connected using VoIP Cloud hosted phone systems

Unify your teams across all offices with VoIP Cloud hosted phone systems. Our award-winning VoIP solution will help you keep it all under one roof, allowing all employees and staff to work in sync without ever missing a call. Rydal’s Cloud services mean you can connect your employees and customers from anywhere on any device; with free calls between extensions, keeping in touch with your teams will also prove to be more economical via the Cloud.

Reduce your Estate Agency Communication Costs with VoIP

After the initial investment of a VoIP phone system, your estate agency can benefit from reduced overall call costs, as well as outbound call minutes which may be unlimited or bundled with your plan. Your inbound calls will also be answered professionally for a fraction of the cost. Making calls with a website or mobile app is a great way to keep your overhead down and your Estate Agency running smoothly. Additionally, it works over the Internet, it’s cheaper and more flexible than any traditional phone service you’ve ever had.

Organised Call Reports and Analytics

We will provide real-time call statistics from your phone on all your calls. Call logs, call durations and call recordings are the most powerful tools for any agent to become successful. You will be able to review and listen to the full recordings for each of your calls giving you an instant training opportunity any time you need it. What you measure, you can improve! See how your team is performing with our easy-to-use reporting dashboard. With just a few clicks you can see how effectively your reps are working and where they could use a little help.


Exclusive Phone Numbers and SMS

The easiest way to create a local presence when calling your clients. Swap out your costly, untraceable mobile number for a local landline — which can be set up in seconds and get you on the path to closing more deals than ever before. Pairing your Estate Agencies landlines with mobile phones and your VoIP system is now as easy as pairing a Bluetooth device. So, you can now move your team around different properties and simply reconnect the numbers in the cloud.


Connected Estate Agency CRMs and Click-to-Dial

Integrate your VoIP phone system with a CRM, such as HubSpot. The integration is possible to simply keep track of client interactions, notes, and recordings by linking the two. With click-to-dial functionality, you’ll never be wasting time keying in phone numbers and quotes again. With clear, accurate calling, sales are kept flowing, calls are kept speedy, and in a fast-paced property sales environment every minute counts. In the end what matters is when you click to dial and make calls, they are with the right people who can help you meet your goals

Business VoIP Phone System for Estate Agents

The Cloud-based VoIP phone system has the power to transform your Estate Agency and boost efficiency. Make sure you take advantage of this system so you can be more productive in your job, close deals faster, and save money. If you’re a property services company or real estate agency, your telecoms are as important to your business as the buildings themselves. You need reliable, cost-effective connections that allow clients to reach you at all hours of the day and night. Rydal Comms can help. We provide powerful, cost-effective business phone systems and VoIP phones for a range of estate agencies, letting agents and property services. Get in touch today to see how we can help you save on your telecoms, enhance call quality, and increase your client satisfaction.

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