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Rydal Group acquires Sort IT

Rydal Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of Sort-IT to Enhance IT and Telecom Services

Warwick, UK – 07/12/2023

Rydal Group, a leader in the UK technology solutions sector, proudly announces the acquisition of Sort-IT, a key player in IT and Telecoms Managed Services. This acquisition, effective from 1st November 2023, represents a significant milestone in Rydal Group’s expansion strategy and commitment to delivering comprehensive technology solutions.

A new Era of Technology Solutions

This acquisition signifies a new era for both Rydal Group and Sort-IT. It combines Rydal Group’s extensive resources and market presence with Sort-IT’s specialised expertise in IT and telecom services. The merger is set to create a robust platform for delivering enhanced technology solutions to a broader client base.

Steffan Dancy, Managing Director of Rydal Group, states: “The integration of Sort-IT under the Rydal Group umbrella is a strategic move towards strengthening our position in the technology solutions market. We are excited about the potential both companies hold for delivering innovative solutions to our clients.”

Seamless Integration and Continued Excellence

Sort-IT clients can expect a seamless transition with continued excellence in service delivery. The familiar Sort-IT team, will remain as primary contacts, ensuring continuity and personalised service. Rydal Group’s acquisition promises to enrich the client experience with expanded technical capabilities and a broader service portfolio.

Nick Marsden’s New Role and Vision

Nick Marsden, the outgoing Managing Director of Sort-IT, will join Rydal Group in a strategic advisory role, focusing on cybersecurity. His decision to join Rydal Group aligns with his vision for Sort-IT’s future growth and stability.

About Rydal Group

Established in 2008 by Steffan Dancy, Rydal Group has become a market leader in providing cutting-edge technology solutions, including telecoms, CCTV/Alarm business solutions, and an Energy division. The group is renowned for its customer-centric approach, rapid service delivery, and a strong commitment to quality.

Future Prospects and Client Benefits

This strategic acquisition is set to open new avenues for innovation and service excellence. Rydal Group is committed to leveraging this opportunity to enhance its product offerings and deliver superior technology solutions that cater to the evolving needs of its clients.

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