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Rydal Comms’ 10th Anniversary in Telecoms

Where has this time gone? Seriously where has it?  10 years ago I was running about trying to kick a ball of air thinking my life was only going to be fuelled with football, holidays with the lads and nights out.

I then stepped into the business world, where focus, dedication and HARD WORK is needed to succeed. Jokes aside, football from a young age gave me allot of the make up to deliver in the business world, I find leading in business is such a mentally tough place to be, it can also be very lonely at times and the people you work with really do make the difference for many leaders. I am blessed with friends I work with day in day out!

I today have a fantastic family (many work for Rydal) who are my support network, 2 beautiful children Jack & Emme and great friends, many of of them work colleges. Its something I’m proud of, business is far more then just a balance sheet…!

I was reading an article the other day, its fact for the day was around how many companies achieve the 10 year milestone. The number really surprised me, its ONLY 6% of businesses which makes me extremely proud of what the business has achieved!

Before i go into more about our people, history and business take a look at us singing away in front of the 10 year cake!

Some key milestones: 

  • Ericsson LG New partner of the year
  • Comms national ‘Best customer service award’
  • SME business awards – Highly commended customer service award
  • Ericsson LG ‘ Global Partner of the year award’

Looking back on our years so far:

After spending many years supporting mobile airtime customers we moved into the wider Unified telecoms market 4 years ago, this turn arrived with new offices in Papyrus business park in Peterborough. Since this move we haven’t looked back and we continue to deliver Phone systems, VoIP systems, Dedicated broadband leased lines, Mobile airtime and Wifi Solutions to our customers and new clients. In addition, our group has formed with Rydal Utilities, delivering LED & Energy switching solutions and Rydal Alltrax which delivers security systems & solutions to the commercial & agriculture sectors.

To think this business started from my bedroom and now employees 42 people across our group is fantastic, I have  to pinch myself at times. This growth will continue to happen and the coming years has some exciting growth plans within. WATCH THIS SPACE

Final Notes: 

I am extremely proud of our team and the work that goes in to supporting our customers. Sitting back and watching individuals grow, families mature, and new faces arrive for the next growth stage is really enjoyable and exciting.

I would like to give a special thanks to Mark Worraker (Key account manager) and Steve Watkins (Operations Director), 2 long standing staff members who have been with the business from the start. I have seen them come into the business as ‘wild party players’ to settling down with children and growing loving families. Steve has 2 daughters and Mark now has 3 boys, its been amazing seeing this take place over the years, as I’ve said already business is allot more then just a balance sheet / P&L table. Thank you lads for your service!

Thank you to all our customers, staff and suppliers. We are truly grateful and here is to many more years working together.

Best Wishes,

Steffan Dancy

Managing Director

Here are some pics from our celebrations in the office: 

Rydal Comms 10 years in business CAKE

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