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G-Cloud 13 Framework Award

Rydal Group is committed to deliver quality and value to our customers–providing a full range of managed Cloud services with security, and data protection at the heart of everything we do. Our business development team takes an agile approach to extend our services to where our clients need us the most, this includes all formal actions to be compliant with procurement requirement standards. 

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have been named as one of the suppliers for G-Cloud 13. We will be offering Rydal Group Costing and Pricing solution under the “Cloud Software” section. 

What is G-Cloud? 

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) helps public sector organisations achieve greater value for money through better procurement of common goods and services across all sectors. 

G-Cloud is a digital marketplace for public sector organisations to procure cloud solutions. Suppliers on G-Cloud have been assessed and validated by the government and offer standardised, cost-effective cloud services that are easily supplied through a single contract. G-Cloud provides a one stop shop to facilitate the procurement of approved suppliers, offering an easy and consistent experience between organisations and vendors. 

Crown Commercial Service has helped the UK public sector to achieve commercial benefits worth over £1bn in 2019/20. These savings mean more money for taxpayers and can be spent on high quality public services that offer best value. 

Consumers benefits 

Suppliers, including products and services such as raw materials and labour, are accessible through a front-end catalogue called the Digital Marketplace. Buyers search the Marketplace for capable services, shortlist the most relevant ones, and evaluate shortlisted services based on price or MEAT criteria. After evaluating service providers and selecting the most economically advantageous solution, the buyer issues a call-off contract to the selected supplier in accordance with the framework regulations and guidance. 

Direct Award 

Procurement regulation requires public bodies to follow a defined tendering procedure when making purchases. While procuring cloud software through G-Cloud, public institutions are able to award a contract directly to the relevant supplier, without having to issue a tender, while ensuring compliance with procurement regulation. 

Standard basis for IT procurement 

G-Cloud is a framework for procuring IT services and staff in the public sector. By standardising processes, G-Cloud sets up a framework for all public sector organisations to access external IT suppliers, freeing up internal IT team members’ time to focus on software development. 

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