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Government Grants: Up to £5000k available for SME’s

COVID Technology Grant For SMEs – Up To £5k

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a damaging impact on the economy and the UK government has supported many SMEs all over the country. Another way they are supported SMEs is the introduction of the £5K technology grant, offering a total of up to £20 million in financial support to UK businesses.

Detailed below is information surrounding how you can benefit from the Grant, this page will continue to be updated with KEY information. You can also call our offices to discuss how this can help your business on 01733 511116.

What Does The £5k Technology Grant Include?

The technology grant for SMEs includes an IT , Telecoms & Security funding package which most UK SMEs can use towards the upgrading of their work & office technology, equipment and even to hire professional advisors like ourselves to give you director level guidance on how to manage your infrastructure.

In a government issued statement released by Simon Clarke MP, the Regional Growth Minister, he stated that “small and medium-sized businesses are the beating heart of communities; they provide employment and contribute significantly to local economies and we are determined to give them the support they need to continue to thrive.”

The technology grant for SMEs will allow your business to access grant funds between £1,000 and £5,000 depending on how you have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

SMEs can spend the technology grant on a range of different technologies, IT equipment, Phone Systems, Conferencing facilities and so much more. Our team of Technology Grant specialists are on hand to help any SMB improve their technology infrastructure through the SME £5k technology grant.

Where Can My SME Apply For The £5K Technology Grant?

The £5K technology grant for SMEs is allocated to multiple growth hubs within each LEP area. The minimum grant award to each LEP is a minimum of £250,000. Here is a list of all the funds available in your area here.

it’s important you apply for your grant and our team will be on hand to help you do this when we visit / meet – speak to our team ASAP about your technology requirements and to book a meeting

Is Your SME In Need Of Some New Technology?

If your SME is based in Peterborough, Cambridge, Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, London, Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Leicester, Sheffield, Stoke, Liverpool, Doncaster, Cheshire and surrounding areas we can service your technology grant requirements and help you with the Grant application process.

If you live outside these areas, please get in touch as we do have consultants that cover beyond these regions.

Here is MAP of the LEP areas which have funding for us to help you with


If you would like to call in and book your meeting with our grant specialists please call 01733 511116.

You can also visit the rest of our site to understand some of the services we offer for the SMB business grant, they include:

  • Business Phone Systems
  • Cloud Business Phone Systems
  • IT hardware
  • Managed Service Desk for your business (IT Support)
  • Server Support
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure roll out
  • CCTV & Security for business
  • Mobile Airtime Agreements including hardware
  • Office 365 Subscriptions and support

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