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Meet Robert & Ben, Rydal Infotech’s latest recruits

Due to growth we welcome both Robert & Ben to our team, they join us from the acquisition of Link Cloud Solutions customer base. Both bring an array of talent to our team, both having attributes we know can bolster our IT helpdesk support team.

To allow you to get to know them more we have created a small Q&A;

Robert Wiseman (Left in picture) – Level 3 Technician; 

Rob, Tell us more about your background and how you have found yourself in the world of IT Support?

I was fascinated with technology at the age of 6 when I was given a BBC Micro. As computer systems advanced so did my knowledge of them, progressing to the Commodore 64, Amiga 500 Plus and then eventually the Personal Computer at the age of 13.

The operating system was DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1 and this was the foundation of my knowledge today, supporting users and complex systems at the highest level.

When not solving problems what other activities do you enjoy? 

I play a card game called Magic: The Gathering were I compete at major tournaments across Europe called MagicFests once a month and throughout the UK at local gaming stores. During the summer and in warmer winter conditions you’ll find me on the Golf courses of Norfolk. I played Ten Pin Bowling for Norfolk when I was a junior and have recently started playing again in the Thursday Premier League. I’m also very musical having Organ/Piano lessons since I was 6 and completed all my grades by age 18. If there’s a technological apocalypse at least I’ll have something to fall back on.

What are you product support strengths, and where do you see yourself really helping out customers:

I don’t believe I have multiple strengths but not in 1 particular product area. My main strength is problem-solving any technical situation as I’m very logical and analytical.

I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge over the years in the I.T industry which leads me to resolving problems quickly and efficiently. Most recently I have been adding to my skillset becoming advance on Microsoft Azure and their suite of services.

What are you looking forward to working at Rydal

I love a challenge, learning about new technologies and problem-solving.  Working for Rydal as their level 3 tech specialist will give me a variety of complex problems to resolve on a daily basis.

Ben Burton (Right in picture) – Level 2 Helpdesk Technician

Ben, Tell us more about your background & Hobbies ? 

Me, my wife and our nearly 2 year old son live in the city of Norwich in East Anglia, I am originally from the area and love it as much today as I did when I was young. I enjoy camping, walking in the lake district or other grand places, playing video games and helping my son explore the world in his own time, but get my biggest kick from exploring new places, be it a new town or city or just checking out a different route to somewhere familiar. Currently my life is centred around making sense of the madness of new parenthood and finding the balance that hopefully exists to make it all feel a bit more normal after all the change that comes with it, as well as looking forwards to then upsetting that balance by taking steps onto the property ladder in the future.

How you have found yourself in the world of IT Support?

I have been working in support and tech for around 9 years ever since finishing my degree at Lincoln university, Originally support was a move to just keep the roof over my head, Now its expanded to a real passion for helping people get the best out of what they have or to upgrade in the right direction, From simply upgrading their devices when needed, helping them move to the cloud for file services or telecoms or by investigating the system they already have in place to say what and why it’s all there for and to keep it all running until the day comes for change.

The world of tech is ever changing, and I intend to stay at the forefront, learning about new and old tech so that those I support and help understand their own systems and can be confident there always on the right path for the future.

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